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Vinswag amazing performance at Tarkwa

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Vinswag amazing performance at Tarkwa

Vinswag amazing performance at Tarkwa

Nigerian Ghana based Singer Vinswag made a surprise guest appearance on stage at the 25th of the April 2019 at a Show which was held at Tarkwa City on Thursday April 5, 2019.

Fans sang along to most of his hit songs such as; ‘ Heat Beat’ ‘Shito ft Jozzy. to which he exhibited a particular ‘crazy’ dance move nicknamed by Ghanaians as (gbiligbili dance).

The Singer outdoored the dance for the first time during his performance at Tarkwa Show which took place yesterday.

He was also seen recently repeating the same type of dance at the Livefm studios in Accra and people have since suggested he was going insane.

Vinswag’s energetic performance was described by many as a ‘comeback
watch his full performance below

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