Cause of death of ace musician Willie Roi of Zylofon Media revealed

One of Ghana’s music legends Willie Roi of Zylofon Media died in his office in East Legon on Sunday with blood oozing out of his mouth, it has been revealed.

The Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist’s lifeless body was discovered by security men at the apartment in his office after his long absence since the start of the day.

Security officers noted that the ace musician had not gone out for food as he normally does for several hours which prompted them to storm his office.

They discovered the gory sight of the backbone of Zylofon Media musicians slumped with blood oozing out of mouth.

Police and paramedics in East legon were immediately called to the scene and he was pronounced dead on the scene before his body was transported to the police hospital.

“He returned from a gig around 12am and moved in straight to his apartment”, a source close to Zylofon Media said.

“According to the security personnel, they had not seem him move out till evening and decided to go check on him only to find out he had passed on with blood oozing out of his mouth. We just brought the body to the police morgue.”

Roi is credited for honing the careers of several musicians in the country as he was the AR manager for Zylofon Media that has top artistes like Shatta Wale, Stonbwoy and Becca. He was also Kumi Guitar’s mentor

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