Mixtape: GRINGO GULLYSIDE SM MIXTAPE 2018 – by DJ Touray

Welcome to the brand new hot mixtape from the Champion Girl DJ and SM British Ambassador from London. The GRINGO GULLYSIDE SM Mixtape 2018. Featuring Shatta Wale’s brand new worldwide smash hit “Gringo” and blending the African Dancehall King with the Jamaican Dancehall legend Mavado. Download it here and don’t miss out!

Gringo – Shatta Wale
Special Kinda Girl – Mavado
Dem A Pree – Mavado & Shatta
Must Get Rich – Shatta Wale
Fresh Cash – Mavado
Mama Stories – Shatta Wale
Mama – Mavado
Come To My Room – Shatta Wale
Come Into My Room – Mavado
Kill Dem With Prayers – Shatta Wale
Kill Dem Slowly – Mavado
Bumper – Shatta Wale
Big Bumper Gal – Mavado
Bag A Money – Shatta Wale
Box Of Money – Mavado
Dance Baby – Shatta Wale
Beat & Teach – Mavado
Gallis Party – Shatta Wale
Body Look – Mavado
F.U.C.K.I.N.G – Shatta Wale
Friends With Benefits – Mavado
Starboy – Shatta Wale
Model & Pose – Mavado
Inna Dancehall – Shatta Wale
Settle Down – Mavado
Diamond – Shatta Wale
My League – Mavado
Am Bless – Shatta Wale
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